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My career until now has been mainly Hair&Makeup, my client relationships are so so important to me and I regularly have the honour of People entrusting me with their deep personal life stories. I take pride in the fact that they trust me and the space I keep for them to share. I share plenty with them too. It’s a beautiful thing in life to share experiences, a problem shared and all that..........

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I don’t claim to be an expert in life but I can promise you this, my words will always be from the heart. I’m an expert when it comes to hair colour though that’s another promise 💚

Life is full of lessons, and usually the biggest ones we learn haven’t come easily. At times we can feel so alone in our experiences, but one thing I’ve learned in my 40 years on this planet is that we are all sharing so many experiences and it’s such a blessing when we find these connections. Modern society has so many of us feeling so disconnected, not only to others but to ourselves and the main purpose of my page is to share my experiences, not just to fulfill my own soul purpose but to maybe touch some of your souls. Take away some loneliness and shine some light into the dark.......

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Belfast, UK

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