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By Beverly Martin

Love is patient 

Love is kind 

It’s often said 

That Love is blind 

But with this 

I do not agree 

With open hearts 

We truly see

Love is true 

Love can not lie

Love is the joy in hello 

And the pain in goodbye 

Love sees all

Your pain and despair 

Love will come in

To show you care 

Love is gracious

Love is respect 

Love makes you think

Makes you feel and reflect

Love is the answer 

To all that you ask

The beauty in vulnerability 

When dropping the mask 

Love doesn’t judge 

Doesn’t make you feel small 

Love will step in

To catch if you fall

It's the crash of a wave

It's a star in the sky 

It’s a shoulder to lean on

When you need a good cry 

Love is a flicker 

Of light in the dark 

Love conquers all

It may well leave a mark

Love is in touch

Love is in sound 

If you open your heart 

To the Love all around 

Love is forever 

Love never dies

Love can be seen

If you look in my eyes 

Love is the fire

That burns in your soul  

Love for yourself 

Is Love making you whole 

Love is the answer 

To all that you seek

It’s the force behind strength 

When at times you feel weak

Love is the greeting 

When you go deep within 

It’s never too late 

To let Love begin 

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