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Ageless Soul

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

By Beverly Martin.

Recently I have done loads of looking at my inner child, healing and writing too. It got me thinking one day how quickly time passes us by.

Off on one of my imagination rampages I was thinking about being an old woman one day. Taking nothing for granted of course, to be an old woman would be a privilege not everyone enjoys, and while I’m on the subject......

Dear Universe, I really love life so can I please get old and have loads of years and happiness ahead. Thank you please with gratitude, love and consciousness attached!!!

Anyway, instead of a message to my inner child I wrote this poem with my older self in mind. I’d say I’ll be a right pain in the ass at times......

Hope you enjoy

Lots of Love,

Bev x

A Gentle Nudge

By Beverly Martin

For days like today

When it all feels too long

We wrote this together

To remind you you are strong

So when you catch yourself slipping

Or losing the heart

Read this back to yourself

We are never apart

As you start to complain and I feel your eyes roll

I’m on standby to nudge you, for I am your soul

So I sit back and listen, let you have a good rant You need the release and to stop you I can’t

When life throws You lemons,

You must make lemonade?

You see what they mean But it’s bitter You’re afraid They say add some sugar To sweeten the pot But sugar is deadly, It makes your teeth rot! When summertime comes Far too much heat The fans never work Always stuck to your seat Then winters too cold Wearing gloves and a hat Hair always ruined What to do about that The hotel was so grubby The room was too small The pool far too noisy Not one good thing at all The shops are too busy The people so rude And when did kids language Become ghastly and crude The young ones these days You say as you tut Right ok that’s enough You need out of this rut It’s because i love you, your direction I steer For each solution a problem You're finding my dear While you’re so busy moaning about all that seems bad You’re forgetting the beauty and this I find sad Lemonade is delicious, for this I can vouch Head high when you walk, ditch the sadness and slouch Life is not easy about this We won’t lie But In each day there’s wonder, You’ll see if you try To change how You feel is a process it’s true Let me guide You with love and shine light for You This path never easy, this is for sure May You realise your riches, may You never feel poor All people born equal, noone better than another Each baby that’s born, each soul is your brother No measure of wealth with money be made To be happy and loved, the best way to be paid You’re starting to remember I can see now see You smile This simple reminder, You knew all the while Do not worry be calm and please don’t You fret Life isn’t simple, We all often forget But now You’ve remembered, what a joy to behold Your lust for life returning, grateful to get old When You laugh, Your lips hold depth in the wrinkle When you smile, Your eyes light up and they twinkle For the rest of Your days May you always be You Quirky, authentic, I wish peace for You too Your life has been long Filled with adventure and fun With many companions, True love? More than one! My mother, My father, My Friend and my Foe All this wisdom I hold, You taught Me long ago My teacher, My Lover, My Sister, My Brother The name not important, We are all in each other On days like this when it all feels too long

Close your eyes hear the music, and the words to a song As we quickly remember each day is a gift The world looks much brighter and our mood takes a lift You may be my elder And I be your youth But always remember I speak love and truth

Until the time comes

As your soul I’m set free Let’s try to remember We love life, You and Me.

Thank you for reading, love Bev x

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