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A Mother’s Wish

By Beverly Martin.

I wish I could could show him the shape of my heart.

A visual piece to behold, like strength carved in wood.

When his tears fall I can feel it, like a tightening in my chest.

An ache that is not mine to feel, Yet the intensity is too real. His tears like wounds that haven’t yet healed. I wish I could take all his fears away. May he never encounter the wrong place on the wrong day. I wish I could give him a life without pain, Replace every dark moment he meets, flood it with light. I wish I could protect him from this crazy world in which we live. He must know within him is the potential to change the world. I wish I could give him a lifetime of happiness, without needing to heal. When the time is right he will be free, and oh what beauty lies there. I wish to be sure he knows the truth. About life and love and the wonders of our souls. I wish for him to find his perfect path. Most of all I wish for him to know the power of Love. My love for him is beyond this world. My beautiful son,

I wish for you to forever feel the strength of my love.

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