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Above All Things Peace

By Beverly Martin

Close your eyes…..

Allow your mind to wander 

Allow yourself to dream 

Let go of guilt and judgement 

Let go fear of being seen 

As you sit here in the darkness 

And breathe into your heart

Allow your breath to be your guide 

It’s the best place you can start

To change the outer landscape 

We must travel deep within

Become artists of our destiny 

Cast no stone of shame or sin 

In the dark now and the stillness

Think what it is you’d wish to see

Imagine how your ideal world could look Release limits and be set free

A tale as old as time 

As people crave to feel complete 

Searching for their wholeness 

Forever chasing that one last piece 

But this life is not a puzzle 

Not a jigsaw, not a game

When will we all remember 

There is no prize in fortune or fame

If you now held the power 

To change this world in which we live  

Where would you start

What would you do

What would you take

What would you give

Eradicate all poverty, give the people food Give the world clean drinking water 

Become a modern day Robin Hood

As soldiers go to battle 

Often with little or no choice 

I wish to stop the pain this leaves 

In Peace and Love rejoice

Neither politics, colour or religion 

Hold the power to tear us apart 

We must choose Love and stand together And breathe Peace into our hearts

Decaying war torn bodies 

Should never fill the land 

Too many lives being wasted 

Fragile fingers clutching sand

No politics, colour or religion 

Hold the power to divide 

What way we now go forward 

We must with peace in mind decide

Would you heal the separation

Would you put a stop to war

Change the minds of those who choose it Plant Peace into their core 

Would you heal the hurt and wounded

Take all the pain away

Teach peace in school to children 

Live simply for today 

We could strive to end addiction 

In each and every form 

Clean the streets of needles 

Make freedom now the norm

Big pharma making millions

Lining pockets at the top 

The balance clearly lost here 

This madness has to stop 

I see a world with no more loneliness 

The elderly shown respect 

Give them time and space to share their lives Hold their hand while they reflect 

I see a world where people stop to help 

To catch the ones who fall 

Treat each other with equality 

No man too big and none too small 

Would you do away with street crime 

No one carrying knives or guns 

Imagine all the children saved 

Much fewer grieving Dads and Mums

I would choose my weapon wisely 

I would choose my pen and ink 

As Heaney’s pen rested snug as a gun

A beautiful play on words don’t you think

Imagine all the people 

Living life in peace 

As John Lennon dreamt of unity 

His music and lyrics shall never cease

When did we forget 

That out hearts all beat as one

Together we are stronger 

No war is ever won 

End fear of persecution 

When speaking from your soul 

Only in this state of openness 

Will we begin to become whole

Imagine all you long for 

All your dreams to be revealed 

The inner Peace is building now

Destiny signed and sealed 

When the world outside is frightening 

Be still and go within

Return to love and you will find

This is the best place to begin

For if you want to change the world 

It must first start with you 

Lead with Love and by example 

You now know what you must do

Choose empathy and understanding 

Love thy neighbour as thy friend

This Land of opportunity 

The possibilities have no end

Choose standing strong together 

Choose the key and not the cage

Choose loving one another 

Then there will be no war to wage 

Choose Peace over greed and riches 

Choose Love over hate and fear 

Choose breathing in the stillness 

Only then will you begin to hear

Let your heart be truly open 

Let your message be loud and strong Choose Peace above all other things 

And in this you can’t go wrong……


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