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Almost a Year

It is so hard to believe we are almost a year since the craziness of COVID19 began. I wrote this poem with everyone in mind. By everyone I mean no matter how it’s looking to you or feeling or what you believe to be happening in the world. My belief is that we’ve got to put our own beliefs and issues to one side and support one another despite our difference......

Anyway, I hope you like.....

Almost a Year

A Poem

By Beverly Martin.

Almost a year since we first heard the wave

Of news of a virus, and of lives, how to save

Wash your hands we were told

And make sure to wash well

Sing a song while we do so!

Out of soap, shops did sell

Not only the hand soap from shops disappeared

No pasta or rice, so many shelves cleared

The panick was easy to see as it spread

Most people were shocked with the news in their head

They said stay at home. Only leave if you must

The people wanting desperately in leaders to trust

Each new rule and instruction contradicting the last

Much confusion and anger to the people this cast

An age of much sadness as people die alone Segregation, separation, being told to stay home It’s hard to believe that we’re told the full truth This ‘pandemic’ taking freedom and education from our youth

What kind of a world do our kids know, I fear The age of insta realness, fake happiness clear Evolution of technology a friend and a foe Our young people now, this is all that they know In the future, when kids lift a history book 2020, World Pandemic, how will it look? When our children tell tales of lockdown that year I hope they remember fun and not fear Parents home schooling losing the plot Division and algebra for most long forgot But despite the meltdowns and home school stressing Having more time together, such a sweet blessing Some homes are not safe, nowhere to run No haven of school for some protection and fun And not solely for children do these problems arise Domestic abuse through the roof. It makes tears fill my eyes. If we all stop and look and help where we can Support one another, out of love build a plan Let the media spread what news they want to sell But remain in your heart, let the man go to hell The world is in chaos, but continues to spin How to see it, a choice we must make from within I do not disregard the people who have lost and feel pain On the back of this pandemic so much heartache and strain As sure as the moon and the sun rise and set To live from our hearts we often forget In this world of corruption being governed by greed To remember our true selves is what humans now need

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