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Before You Speak.

By Beverly Martin.

Sticks and stones will break my bones

But words will never hurt me

In days gone by I’ve heard these words

No truth to this there could be

The power of words is real you see

Just ask a person haunted

By nasty words from untold mouth’s

A lifetime hurt and taunted

Before you speak be conscious

Of words you choose to say

These words you may not give much thought

Could be received forever and a day

Don’t use words fuelled by anger

These words you can’t take back

Like venom from a lethal snake

No poison will they lack

The depths of scars not always

Dependant on a blade

As words cut deep as daggers

Wounds of the soul are made

Cruel words are often weapons

Used to cause great pain

For this I never see just cause

In hurting others, what’s to gain?

And what about the words

Our inner voices say

The silent voices never heard

Always kind? No way!!!

I do not mean the words

With hindsight on your mind

Rehearsed to death but never said

As time will not unwind

Our inner voice is noisy

Talks way too much at times

It often steals our happy sleep

With riddles and with rhymes

So why I ask you kindly

Do we allow ourselves to hear

Such awful insults in our minds

The way out must be clear

The only way to conquer

The self talk walk of shame

Is bring back self awareness

Seek love instead of blame

To hear you must first listen

Be strong, don’t run and hide

Your self talk is yet a battle

You shall conquer and divide

Before you speak be conscious

Especially to yourself

Your inner voice is loud and strong

It won’t be left upon a shelf

Instead of being impatient, sometimes even cruel

Remind yourself you’re doing great, stop feeling like a fool

The words you choose will always be carved into your heart

So feed your soul, be kind and brave, let the self love start

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