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Girls Must Be

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

By Beverly Martin

When I was just a little girl

I wished to make a friend

I didn’t want to be alone

This felt like the world would end

Always longing to be noticed

To never be cast aside

So caught up in the trauma

Too young for hurt or pride

Girls must act like ladies

Speak only when spoken to

Like an old fashioned movie

Black and white reels of times no longer true

Girls must dress like ladies

No skirts too short or long

So hard to ever get it right

When the victims become ones in the wrong

Girls must get marrried and have babies This rule as old as time For those who don’t are often shamed The choice not yours or mine Girls must be good at house work Wash cook and clean Be grateful with their allowances Never chase more or day dream

Girls must look like ladies

Make their bodies look just right

Have perfect curves where the men desire

But also be thin with no cellulite

Girls must behave like ladies

Allow the men to lead the way

Be the perfect girlfriend

Remain a virgin until their wedding day

These rules so old and dated

Society has evolved

The energy though still lingers

And these cords must be disolved

Girls must act like ladies

If this their souls desire

Girls must be shown to grow with strength

As the Phoenix and the fire

Little girls are filled with beauty

Untainted by conditions

Limitless beings made of love

Not stifled by traditions

Little girls believe in fairies

Believe dancing in the rain

To take this innocence away

Is harmful and causes pain

Little girls become young women

Who must go and find their way

Navigate the paths of life

Take chances everyday

Young women go out into the world

With hope for love and romance

To meet the perfect stranger

Under the stars make love and dance

Sometimes life’s gets tricky

Young women make mistakes

This often leads to darker days

Revealing truths and fakes

I don’t believe in broken There is nothing here to mend Be mindful of the ones you trust Not all souls are your friend Mistakes are really lessons Often in disguise If you don’t believe me Just look into my eyes Girls must be taught forgiveness The power of letting go Girls must be shown to love themselves We much teach them as they grow Women far too hard on themselves Chastising all their choices Facing fear and judgement Searching for their voices I don’t believe in broken There is nothing here to fix Be mindful in the words you use Your thoughts can play cruel tricks Girls must act like humans Be shown love and compassion Be taught there’s so much more to life Than selfies, boys and fashion

Girls must become courageous

To truly find their power

With hearts as strong as lions

And bloom just like a flower

Women must be reminded

The magic of a fairy

To find the armour of their souls

Fear not when life gets scary

Women must be granted

The freedom of their spirit

To sing and dance with childish joy

To grab life and just live it

When I was just a little girl

I wished to make a friend

So much I didn’t know back then

Or on who I should depend

I had to go and live

I had to live and learn

My story always changing

Just as my path would turn

When I was just a little girl

The monsters lived under my bed

As I grew up those thieves of Love

Took residence in my head

When I was just a little girl

I thought that I was weak

But here I am a woman

Approval and love I no longer seek

When I was just a little girl, many tales were told

Just how us girls should behave, like ladies as we get old

I often heard pleasant things like how the best in life is free

But one secret I wish I had always known

Is that my best friend is me.

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