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Goodbye my Friend

8th August 2022 💫

Let it go…..

I keep telling myself this over and over again. I should know better.

I do know better.

Knowing and Feeling are two different things…

I truly believe that forgiveness is a powerful creator of peace….

Yet momentarily my mind feels like a war zone.

Isn’t everything momentary?

This feels like a long moment.

It takes courage to be really honest. Honest with yourself, about yourself.

It takes wisdom to know who is worthy of sharing this knowledge

Don’t ever mistake privacy for a lack of awareness.

The keeper of their boundaries is strong. Probably stronger than you will ever know.

There are few mistakes in life, and an endless amount of lessons.

What you see, feel and hear will always come back to you.

It lies within you.

So as I sit in the knowledge. The more I learn the less I know.

Blame is pointless.

It feels like running in circles.

Running in circles to remind myself to be still. To be present, now.

To listen to the beat of my heart and allow it to remain open despite the hurt.

To witness this.

To breathe.

Through the hurt.

To let go.

I have forgiven you and I have forgiven myself.

I now welcome peace.

To You

From Me.

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