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If I Could Dance With You

By Beverly Martin

As grief would bounce and echo

In the corners of my mind

The darkest shadows lurking there

The light too hard to find

To sleep would be a blessing

To close my eyes and rest

To silence all the noise inside

This feeling I detest

As memories play like movies

And I watch with my minds eye

I feel the pain rush through my chest

As I begin to cry

Your face I see so clearly

Though you were standing by my side

To realise this can’t be true

The pain too hard to hide

Trying to just move forward

Evolving life and death

I still wish you were not so young

When you took your last breath

To love you was to lose you

To lose you was the worst

So many times throughout this all

I thought with grief I’d burst

The hands of time confusing

I will miss you every day

If I could dance with you right now

You’d hold me as I’d say

Dear Dad, please know I love you

I know you had to leave

We will meet again when the time is right

But for now I have to grieve

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