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Just One Wish

Updated: Jun 18, 2021


By Beverly Martin.

If you were granted just one wish

Do you know what it might be

Don't think too much just close your eyes

Let your mind run far and free

Imagine there's no boundaries

To what you can achieve

One perfect wish for only you

No limits to receive

How about a time machine

To travel to the past

To times you haven't quite let go

To make them right at last

Or maybe to the future

To see what it may hold

To check life's working out just fine

What stories will be told

How about a lottery win

A cash flow with no ends

Party after party

With lots of wealthy friends

To be a famous actress

And make the world your stage

Fill screens with poise and beauty

Cause many a jealous rage

Maybe a magic potion To grant eternal youth

Or a magic spell to cast on souls

To only tell the truth

Become a super hero

Fight crime by night and day

Have lots of super powers

All the villans you will slay

One wish if you were granted

Not like a genie's three

One wish to give your heart to choose

Whatever would it be

Imagination running wild

With all that you could do

If you had just one wish to choose

To your heart you must stay true

No riches youth or witchcraft

Will ever fill your heart

Only Love can do this

From this moment must you start

To close your eyes and listen

To the whispers of your soul

Grant inner peace, self love and power

Be brave be stong be bold

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