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Menopause a Poem

By Bev Martin

i will write a separate piece to explain the inspiration behind this poem but for now I hope you enjoy…..

Do we need to beg?

Do we need to scream and cry?

Do we need to silently suffer?

When we’re not ok, just lie?

Our thoughts get dark and scary

Our days get long and dark

Irritable, short, snappy

Bite much worse than bark

Looking in the mirror

The face we know so well

Yet inside we feel like strangers

Trapped in hormonal hell

This long term monthly cycle

Which started in our youth

Gets so much bloody harder

It’s time to speak in truth

For generations women

Just like you and I

Suffered on in silence

And now we must ask why

The stigma? The shame?

Of going through ‘the change’

‘Yer woman’s never been the same’

‘She’s dried up’ ‘She went strange’

As women we have roles

Home and career to uphold

Unrealistic expectations of ourselves

Not wanting to look old

Hot flashes, sweaty faces Bad skin and facial hair

Feeing ugly tired and useless

Pretending not to care

So much dam confusion

Nothing a simple task

Each chore an uphill struggle

While trying to wear a mask

Let’s not forget the brain fog

As we search for things we’ve lost

Oh look, your keys are in the freezer

Have a cry while they defrost

To some it may sound silly

We feel them roll their eyes

But once you start to live it

You’ll understand the cries

It’s like there is a fog

Often a thick red mist

The symptoms of our menopause

A never ending list

Barely recognisable

Certainly to ourselves

Feeling lost and lonely

As we search among the shelves

So many supplements

Praying for a fix

An empty promise minefield

Information turning tricks

Not knowing where to turn

Trying to take the lead

Not wanting anti depressants

It’s not ‘happy pills’ we need

Our bodies sure are changing

Nothing seems the same

These hormones that we’re losing

Should not have us feeling shame

We need support and recognition

Of this battle which we face

Not snubbed, belittled and ignored

Not ridiculed or disgraced

We are women

We are warriors

Brave, loving, strong

Help us in the work place

If we mess up or get things wrong

We need support and education

As we navigate menopause

We need hormone tests and hrt

We have got to treat the cause

Our bodies need these hormones

Just as our lungs need air

We need clinics we can turn to

When we are in despair

We are women

We are warriors

Brave loving strong

We must all stand together now

This has gone on far too long

We are women

We are warriors

Fighting the good fight

Spread menopause awareness

To this darkness bring some light.

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