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Mother’s Day 2021

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

A Mother’s Day poem for my beautiful mum.


By Beverly Martin

As we sit here in the silence I often drift away To times gone by so long ago So much I’d like to say I watch you do your knitting You have mastered this fine art I smile inside at your skill and grace I would not know where to start You life has not been simple Just like me you lost your dad This pain that we have never shared I often wish we had There’s things I want to tell you So much I need to say But finding words at times so hard To write them is my way Your Life was not plain sailing Many battles have you fought I thank you for your bravery The courage that you have taught You are one amazing woman With a faith that never flails I’m sorry for the times I drove you mad When I was off the rails

I know I’ve not always made you proud

This was never an intention

The pain I carried through this life

As a child too great to mention

Growing up was brutal

Mistakes I can not take back

But this is life, and despite how it seemed

No love for you did I lack

I love to hear all your stories

The simple things bring pleasure

Like looking through your personal things

These moments I do treasure

Your strength it takes my breath away

Memories carved in wood

A heart of gold, angelic face

Intentions always good

As I sit and watch you knitting

Each row quicker than the last

My mind comes back to only now

The past is just the past

As we sit here now together

I give thanks to be right here

I want to find the words to say

To make my feelings clear

Dear Mum please know I Love You

I have always felt this way

We might not have forever

But we sure do have today

To find these words not easy

To this I must admit

As we sit here in the silence

As you sip your tea and knit

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