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Reflection of Love

By Beverly Martin

Let me look at you closely

Deep into your eyes

Savour this moment

Before the time flies

As I look through the windows

That show me your soul

I remember in life

Love is the goal

So many lessons

In such little time

But you’re living and learning

You’re doing just fine

The fears that you feel, and battles you face

Over time with maturity you handle with grace

None of us perfect

Do not ever compare

How you’re doing in life

With another, don’t dare

The only great peace you will ever achieve

Is in finding that it’s in yourself you believe

Free yourself of comparison ever again

No looking at others with envy or pain

Put your hand to your chest

Feel your heart beat

Give thanks for your body

From your head to your feet

Give thanks for your heart

Let it show you the way

If you listen to it’s guidance

In love you will stay

Do not worry, do not fret

When change comes along

By getting out of your comfort

You will grow and get strong

Be kind and be brave

Let your light shine so bright

Let your soul be your master

One day it will take flight

Now look at me closely

Deep into my eyes

If you look with your heart

It will be no surprise

This face so familiar

Just look and you’ll see

As you stand in the mirror

I am you, You are me.

This beautiful journey,

As real as a dream

We will fly through this night

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