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A Bedtime story By Beverly Martin This is a story

I think you need to hear Let me hold you so closely Soft words in your ear A story of love But not like in the booksf No castles and princes With boyish good looks No sword fights or horses No goblins or ghouls No servants or slaves No jesters or fools This is a story That one day you will know My words though will fade You’ll get older and grow A story of love But not like in the songs No heart broken lovers Singing tunes of their wrongs This story is true Not a page from a book No princess or tower No a pirate with a hook This story is simple Yet so many forget As life, it gets busy On this you could bet A story of Love Of dark and of light Of heroes and villains Who battle and fight Of flowers and rainbows Of a heart that beats strong Of beauty and wonder Of right and of wrong A story of Love Made of flowers and trees Of forests and mountains Of lakes and the seas Of fires and healing As the flames burn with glory The beauty that lies Right here in this story This story is short

There is no time to waste You must go out and live So much life you must taste This story of love Of happy and sad Of laughter and tears Of the good and the bad Of birds in the sky And the life on the ground Of plants that give healing As the wind gives it sound Of music and dancing Of sweet sleeping dreams I’m sure you must wonder What all of this means One day you’ll think back Learn again what I say It’s not really forgotten Just buried away For this story of love Not a bit of it’s new Within lies a secret The Story is you All life is in balance Each soul a reflection And when the time comes You’ll feel the connection To the earth to the wind To the the sea and the skies The secret comes clear Just look into my eyes To the fire that burns To the wave crashing sea Deep down we all know I’m in you, You’re in me You can never be lost May you never be lonely May life treat you kind I want love for you only This story of Love May it strengthen your soul To remind you one day You have always been whole This story of Love This story of you Of secrets and souls I can tell you it’s true Sleep easy my love Close your eyes, rest your head I’ll whisper last words As you dream in your bed A secret so powerful Time passes, clocks spin.... All that you need Comes deep from within.

Lots of Love Bev x

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