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The Moon

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

By Beverly Martin

I asked the moon to show me 

How to sit among the stars 

Feeling swamped in darkness 

While tending wounds and scars 

I asked the moon the teach me

To help me learn to heal

To stop running from the darkness

To stop, to sit and feel

I asked the moon to help me

To allow my light to grow 

To stop hiding in the shadows 

To take my light and let it show

I asked the moon to lead me

Down a path of truth and love 

To see the light in others 

Shining from above 

I asked the moon to remind me 

To dance among the trees 

To always believe in magic 

To move with grace and ease 

I asked the moon to guide me

To the centre of my heart 

To step into my power

With each night a brand new start

The moon then softly whispered 

As the sun began to rise 

Enjoy each day and don’t forget 

To be grateful to be alive 

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