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The Whispering Soul

By Beverly Martin.

Always move forward

Never look back

The past can’t be changed

For this there’s no hack

Don’t wish for tomorrow

It may never come

Now is perfect

Just be and have fun

Step out of your head

And into your heart

All burdens set free

It’s a great place to start

If yesterday’s gone

And tomorrow not real

If there is only now

How does that make you feel

If to do what you love

Is to set your soul free

What would you do

It is safe to tell me

Dance how you want to

Walk in the rain

Have no fear of judgment

Not ever again

I can tell by your face

By the look in your eye

You’re surprised what I know

And to me you can’t lie

Since you began healing Such a journey to see

The light you now shine

As it grew set us free

For I am your soul Without me there’s no you

I am the secret

You now know to be true.

Lots of Love, Bev x

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