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To My Inner Child

By Beverly Martin

It’s ok I’ve got you

You don’t need to hide away

Hold out your hand I’ve got you

Hear what I have to say

I really truly see you

I see all the pain and fear

But here I am, I’ve got you

To me you are so dear

I know you felt abandoned

Scared and so alone

But you can let that go now

You are never on your own

I see your little body

Curled up and hiding away

Hold out your hand I’ve got you

Forever , not just today

You’ve been searching for a hero

To save you from the dark

The landscape you were seeing

Felt strange and sadly stark

But this is in the past now

It no longer can exist

For here I am I’ve got you

You can trust me, please don’t resist

Each time you searched for answers

The why that broke your heart

You and I both hurting

Thinking we were apart

But here I am I’ve got you

I am you and you are me

We’ve always been together

I’ll save you as you saved me

No more separation

My sweet sweet inner child

Forever back together

I’m as strong as you are mild

It’s ok I’ve got you

The words you longed to hear

It’s ok I love you

Together we say goodbye to fear

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