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Tomorrow another Night

I don’t know about you guys but me and most of my female friends (we all are all pretty much in our forties!) are suffering on a monthly basis with some kind of hormonal nonsense we have to put up with!! I like many usually have a couple of days of being seriously short fused! As Craig tells Finn ‘ Don’t poke the bear ‘

Desperate anxiety also creeps in! Anxiety and I are definitely not strangers. At the moment I’m actually EXTREMELY grateful to be finding it evil but quite manageable! I can cope with the periods and the cramps but the anxiety!! ?? No!!! Anyway, lastweek I had one night where I could not get to sleep. I literally tortured myself all night, picking apart everything in my life from around the age of 6!!! The next morning I was like, what was that about !! ?? So this was where this poem came from.....

Hope you enjoy

Tomorrow another Night

By Beverly Martin

Sometimes at night

As I lay in my bed

Not one wink of sleep

Too much thought in my head

Going in circles

A shadowy loop

Of thoughts that don’t serve me

How low will they stoop

This battle an old one

I know it too well

In my mind I am trapped

My own mental hell

The darkness so familiar

Just In different suits

The demons of my mind

Long ago laid their roots

As darkness descends

No distraction of sound

This night ahead may be long

On this warped merry-go-round

There have often been times

Nights like these lasted days

As the darkness descended

Walking round in a haze

But the more I have grown

And not just in age

The more I am ready

For the battle to rage

As the thoughts roll around

And the demons run wild

I remember my healing

And my own inner child

As with all things in life

Balance must rule

With my armour of knowledge

These demons know I’m no fool

As they reach for their weapons

Preparing to fight

Their powers soon weak

As I call in the light

I call on the angels

To be by side

With love and protection

A peaceful collide

As with each night

New morning shall rise

Dark becomes light

Just look to the skies

As the angels bring calm

And the demons retreat

Well used to each other

These two often meet

When morning time comes

With the sun shining bright

I give grace to them both

I survived the long night

All the thoughts disappear

That had kept me awake

Next time darkness descends

I’ll give myself a good shake

That’s what I tell myself

As I stretch and I yawn Tired from battle

Right through to the dawn

It’s never that simple

When darkness decends

It’s a lifetime of work

To embrace your demons as friends

Each one of us humans

All doing our best

Finding our paths

At time’s life can test

The lingering demons

Descend with the dark

The light beaming angels

Reside in our heart

Angels and demons

We are all made of each

The light and the dark

Both have lessons to teach

Without all the dark

Would we appreciate light

I give thank you for both

And for tomorrow, another night

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