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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

By Beverly Martin

Each day a new beginning

Filled with brand new starts

A chance to really listen

To the voice within our hearts

Did yesterday even happen

Is the memory even true

Your memory may be different

To the yesterday you thought you knew

As lockdown rules are lifted

I smell freedom in the air

Another new beginning

I say in whispered prayer

The year that brought much learning

A spread of love and light

Of healing wounds from long ago

Observing fight and flight

Each day a new beginning

Possibilities never end

As bodies touch and souls collide

Some lovers, some true friends

Our paths are always crossing

With souls we need to find

To teach us and to challenge us

To show the importance in being kind

Each night a new beginning

Led by the great new moon

Rest easy folks asleep in bed

The sun will be back soon

As time will keep on ticking

The planets too will turn

Each morning a new beginning

As the flame will always burn

Each morning when sun rises

As we wake from distant dreams

Each day brings new beginnings

Nothing is ever as is seems

When the world may feel like chaos

And you just need to retreat

Get into nature walk the woods

Never fear defeat

Let the magic of the forest

Forever sooth your soul

Just hear the whisper of the trees

So wise as they get old

When the world may feel like chaos

Don’t forget to breathe

First thing we do when we are born

And the last thing when we leave

Each day a new beginning

No younger do we get

As I look into the mirror

I never will forget

To love the lines and wrinkles

That show upon my face

I’m thankful to be getting old

I’ll age with love and grace

Each day a new beginning

A chance to find your tribe

The world is ever changing

So jump on, enjoy the ride

Don’t waste another moment

Living in the past

Or worrying about the future

Time goes by too fast

Each day a new beginning

To find the meaning of life

To chase new dreams you heart desires

To heal the pain and strife

The meaning of life is simple

A beautiful gift to give

A lifelong quest to finally find

You simply need to live.

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