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For the Love of Fairies

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

By Beverly Martin

This is a poem I wrote not just about Fairies but about the awakening to the beauty, not only around us but also within us.........

As I look to the light

I will not fear the dark

The thoughts in my head Do not live in my heart As I look to the trees With their knowledge and might I wonder do fairies dance all through the night For the dark is not bad Not a thief in the night Without dark we would miss the stars shine so bright When the breeze of the night Gently whispers it’s tune Do fairies then dance by the light of the moon As I walk in the forest and hear the trees sway I know deep inside there are fairies at play I often do wonder where they hide in the day If you were to meet one what would you say When I look to the sky To see clouds filled with rain I remember the flowers That will bloom once again As I walk in bare feet In the soil, on the ground To the earth I give thanks For the life all around When I wriggle my toes In the leaves that have fell I call on the fairies and wish them all well Their laugher, their mischief And all of their games They lighten my heart Like the magic of flames When I walk in the woods Their presence so clear I smile at the thought of the fairies so near When I was a child I knew fairies were real How did i forget Childish joy life did steal But it wasn’t for long As I found my way back To the forest and fairies To all I had lacked For the path that I found To find my way home All is connected We’re never alone For pachamama and fairies The trees in the woods For all that you offer I give thank you and love They say lose your mind They say find your soul With this I agree It will help you feel whole So when you next doubt That the fairies are true Remember my words The fairy is you.


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