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In My Dreams

By Beverly Martin

In deep sleepy dreams

I can still see you clear

The warmth of your face

I remember so dear

Wearing grey head to toe

Tall and strong there you stand

By the window I see you

As I reach for your hand

In my dreams I can see you

As I toss and I turn

Morning comes far too quickly

More nights with you I so yearn

As we link pinky fingers

Cross the road safe and sound

In my dreams we are floating

Not a foot to the ground

As I dream I can feel it

We both play our part

Proud Father, Adoring Daughter

As you unbreak my heart

Eyes closed in the darkness

In the stillness of night

Your love all around me

Until morning brings light

Thirty years since you passed

Since your soul was set free

Our time here was short

But I know you loved me

As I open my eyes

Though your face fades away

I will see you real soon

But just not today

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