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Soul. Not just another Movie

Firstly a question, have any of you watched the Disney Pixar movie SOUL????? If the answer to this is no then I urge you to take the time and sit down to watch it!! I have literally just finished watching it with my son and it was the best movie I have watched in ages!! I had read about it recently on a Facebook group (plant medicine orientated) and thought I must watch it, head like a sieve I completely forgot. Then today out of the blue my son told me he watched an amazing film last night. When I asked what it was and he replied 'SOUL' I asked him would he watch it again today with me! So we sat with a bowl of pasta and had the best 1hr 40mins entertainment we have had in a while! (I'm also loving Married at First Sight Australia but that is a different kind of feeding the soul!!) Not unusual for me, but I did cry at the end. No tears of sadness but a kind of a comforting tear.My heart was warm and fuzzy. The story is about a guy Joe who's passion in life is jazz. I don't want to ruin any of it for you but this story isn't just about life and death it is so so much more!! Beyond the human realms and into a world of spirituality and souls he finds himself learning great lessons, both there and back in his human experience as Joe.The animation is magnificent and I don't know what the writers were smoking but I'll have me some of that thank you please. There is a force out there much bigger than us, call it God, call it The Universe, call it Buddha, call it Mama, call it Source, call it Love, it doesn't really matter but what does matter is that we are all a part of this beautiful tapestry. We arrived into this world new souls to embark on a new journey. Newly born into these bodies, our souls may have lived a thousand lifetimes before but right now this is the only one that really counts. If you have read things I have written before you will notice I try to live only in the now! It is a practise I may never master but I will die trying. I do believe yesterday is a memory and tomorrow a fantasy.Life is now! The movie explores many aspects of our spiritual side, it explores dark and light, Lost Souls and in The Zone. I love the explanation of the lost souls not in a permanent state of being. When I asked my son what he loved about the film he said 'how there are so many good messages to take and different ways to interpret it'. I could not agree more and remember when i write I have no intention of trying to make anyone agree with me. I'm simply sharing, and more than happy to listen another point of view no matter what the subject is. You see for me to sit down and write is allowing my soul to be free, to be in the 'Zone'..... I lose track of time, space and all reality around me.

Sitting here now in the after glow of such an inspiring and heart warming film I can't help asking myself a few questions..... The main one is how do we know if what we are doing is on the path of our soul's desire? The answer for me is this, it's about how I feel. My emotions and reactions are whispers from my soul. When I feel at peace I know my soul and I are in perfect alignment. I often think of my soul and I being two seperate entities, yet being one at the same time. I think this is the case with most living things, we are all individual beings yet we are all one consciousness. When I feel anxious or upset I know my soul is being triggered and this internal response is something we all need to recognise. we must learn to listen internally. Again the names don't matter, call it instinct, call it gut feelings, it's the whisperings of our soul. Have you ever really wanted something and when you got it been less than excited?! Or a very simple thing given you more joy then you would ever have expected from it? Whispers!!!!! Just Listen!!!!! Our souls want us to be happy so if we ignore these signs and messages they will get louder and louder. Sometimes we think we have to find some great soul purpose when our greatest purpose is to live. We have got to live, love and be happy. I feel my soul's desire is all around me and within me. It is my family and my friends, my beautiful son and boyfriend, it is my work and writing, it is my dog and it is walking among the trees, it is laughing and loving. No amount of money or fame or 'success' could ever give me more or be more important than these things. Each to their own, we all thrive on different things. When it comes to this film I'm barely scratching the surface. Honestly do not want to give much away! I promise you if you go and watch it you will learn so much, you will also laugh, possibly cry and definitely have a lot to think about afterwards. A lot of the messages in this movie are so simple yet SO SO IMPORTANT!! Some of them are extremely obvious and some more subtle but each and every part of this film has a teaching and a lesson and is beautiful beyond words. If you get a chance to sit and watch it with or without kids will work! Let me know your thoughts. The weekend is approaching and although we're still in Lockdown the last time I checked we are still allowed to hug trees, so I plan to go to the forest and make my soul happy! I leave you now with Love, gratitude for taking the time to read my blog post. The photos are some of the things that make my soul happy. Lots of Love Bev x

This post was brought to you by DISNEY PIXAR MOVIES (wee jokes!!!)

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