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Women’s Day 2023

Women's Day 2023

Everything changes

Nothing stays the same

Human ways evolving

Brings Women’s Day to fame

As women strive for equality

To have equal rights with men

Let’s be thankful for how far we’ve come

Let’s live for now, not then

The past is where we’ve come from

A reminder of great change

To look back at just how far we’ve come

The view is almost strange

No more hiding in the shadows

Quite often seen but never heard

No more being just a trophy

To have such limits seems absurd

Find a husband

Have some babies

Clean your home

Obey the rules



Have no opinion

Just suffer fools

Find a husband

Have some babies

Look perfect

All the time

No dreams

No aspirations

Do as you’re told

Just keep in line

Those days portrayed on TV

Young girls now would drop their jaw

Goes to show how times have changed

In appearance and the law

Women now in their power

Standing for their right

To live as equals with the men

Fighting the good fight

When women stand together

And have eachother’s back

The power in this mighty force

No other force could crack

So if you see a woman

Who’s crowns about to fall

Be the one to lift her up

With togetherness stand tall

This lifetime is not simple

Our bodies will be the cause

Of the monthly period hormonal mess

And then later, the menopause

The female body is impressive

I’d like to see a man give birth

I’d say that would be the quickest way

To depopulate the earth

As humans we all have struggles

All people are unique

No gender, race or background

Should be silenced when they speak

All humans should be equal

The women and the men

No gender race or background

Should be discriminated again

We need to teach our daughters

New lessons now in life

There’s more than insta realness

Or being a good wife

We need to teach our daughters

Self love and inner strength

In teaching healthy boundaries

They will smoothly go the length

So here we are it’s Women’s Day

Two thousand twenty three

Let’s recognise our greatness

Women just like you and just like me

Be proud to be a woman

Go out and achieve

Be kind be strong be brave

And in yourself believe

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